GoodData Secures New Patent for Embedded Analytics Product

GoodData Secures New Patent for Embedded Analytics Product

Source: GoodData

GoodData said recently that it was awarded a patent for its embedded analytics platform, specifically regarding the distribution of analytical applications to multiple customers. The company’s release notes explain: “The patent aligns with GoodData’s efforts toward providing data-driven insights and automation at the point of work through Smart Business Applications.”

It’s not uncommon for vendors to patent key, proprietary pieces of its software. However, GoodData is the first BI and analytics provider (that we know of) to patent its entire platform. The announcement notes acknowledge this: “GoodData is the first to patent this combination of multi-tenant platform and custom applications. By patenting the approach and platform it uses to solve critical business problems, the company has ensured that it will continue to be a pioneer in embedded analytics and analytical applications.”

All the resources inside GoodData’s embedded analytics tool are multi-tenant, allowing it to provide custom-branding without extra implementations for each customer. The product retrieves data from multiple customers, consolidates the data, which is segregated by customer, and deliver it to each privater customer space where it is made available for branding and customization. The company’s Vice President, Platform, and co-founder Zdenek Svoboda added: “With this patent, we’ve consolidated these multiple iterations into one platform, which can be rolled out to a large number of business users all with a single line of code or an API call.”

GoodData CEO Roman Stanek also said: “Before this achievement, we had always patented a specific component or algorithm. We’ve designed our platform from the ground up to easily distribute actionable insights to a large number of users, which gives us an important competitive advantage.”

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