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Incorta Launches New Advanced Analytics Platform Incorta 5

Incorta Launches New Advanced Analytics Platform Incorta 5
Incorta Launches New Advanced Analytics Platform Incorta 5

Source: Incorta

Incorta recently announced the launch of Incorta 5, a unified data analytics platform that expands on the company’s Direct Data Mapping technology. Incorta 5 is headlined by capabilities that enable technical and non-technical users to collect, interpret and act on complex data. The product requires little to no training and signals Incorta’s move away from a traditional component model toward a unified data analytics platform that can manage a number of business analytics use cases from data storytelling to predictive analytics.

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Incorta is a data platform that speeds up data ingestion and provides hastened join performance. The vendor has dubbed its product as ‘The Industry’s First No-ETL Data Warehouse.’ Incorta features a Direct Data Mapping engine which provides real-time aggregation of complex business data without needing a data warehouse. Users can drill from top line, aggregated KPIs to supporting transaction records with one click. Incorta also enables you to drill anywhere with user-defined drill paths and hierarchies.

Key features contained within Incorta 5 include access to 200 new data sources (systems, databases technologies and custom sources), a single-platform data experience that reduces reliance on external visualization tools via a ‘revamped’ data analyzer, a faster data pipeline through a new in-memory SQL engine, and additional integration options. Incorta 5 builds on the vendor’s existing CLI and SQL interfaces with a new data REST API for developers.

In a media statement about the news, Incorta CEO Scott Jones said “Anyone who handles enterprise data knows that current technologies don’t provide the seamless self-service experience or agility and velocity that today’s digital businesses require. I have long believed that there has to be a better way to give every decision-maker access to data. Incorta 5 solves that with its revolutionary Direct Data capabilities, essentially cutting out the middleman, and enabling anyone from IT to the C-level to make informed, creative decisions about every element of how they manage their business and the relationships they have with their customers.”

Read Incorta 5: The New Analytics Standard for Business in the company’s blog to learn more.

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