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Infogain Acquires AI and Advanced Analytics Provider Absolutdata

Infogain Acquires AI and Advanced Analytics Provider Absolutdata
Infogain Acquires AI and Advanced Analytics Provider Absolutdata

Source: Infogain

Infogain recently announced that it has acquired Absolutdata, a San Francisco-based AI and advanced analytics solution provider. Infogain released the news via a press release on its website, with Absolutdata CEO Anil Kaul adding “Companies across the globe are increasingly looking towards a combination of Technology and AI/Analytics to drive scalable, sustained & profitable business growth. We are thrilled to be joining the Infogain team as we share a like-minded commitment to driving business success through disruptive technologies.”

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Infogain is a California-based provider of global business and IT consulting solutions. The firm specializes in technology solutions for the high tech, retail, and insurance industries. Infogain serves 5 of the world’s 50 largest companies and 20 of the world’s largest 1000 enterprises. The deal will enable Infogain to expand its presence in additional market segments such as CPG, telecom, and pharma.

The acquisition marks Infogain’s third such buy in the last 14 months, following its mergers with Silicus Technologies and Revel Consulting. Not surprisingly, data analytics and artificial intelligence are “strategic focus areas” for Infogain and will account for 15 percent of its revenue once the acquisition is complete. Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI represents Infogain’s first commercially available SaaS platform.

In a media statement on the news, Infogain CEO Sunil Bhatia said “Infogain’s acquisition of Absolutdata completes our three-pronged acquisitions strategy to help customers’ increasing demand for adopting digital platforms by employing strategy and experience, cloud transformation, and advanced analytics and AI services. Absolutdata’s AI & advanced analytics solutions will transform how companies gain insights, make decisions, and drive business growth.”

Absolutdata was notably named to Gartner’s Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers in August 2019.

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