Infogix Sagacity Couples Big Data Analytics with Governance

Infogix Sagacity Couples Big Data Analytics with Governance

Source: Infogix

Thoma Bravo company Infogix announced today the introduction of Sagacity, an analytics solution that tackles Big Data in the form of third-party data sources. The tool works within a five phase data processing environment by acquiring, preparing, analyzing, acting and operationalizing data without forcing users to acquire specialized skills. According to Infogix, the solution was engineered to bypass the best-of-breed approach some of their customers were facing when deploying standalone Big Data tools.

Sagacity does this by providing a dashboard of complete metrics that business users can navigate on their own, without relying on IT resources. The dashboard can be fitted with key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most relevant to the needs of specific users. Sagacity also integrates with the company’s Data Integrity Suite and Data Governance Suite. When used in conjunction, the full platform provides users with data quality, analytics and self-service capabilities that enable a complete view of organizational data.

IDC’s Research Director Stewart Bond made an observation about the newest Infogix product, adding: “Infogix has taken data preparation to a new level  by integrating data integrity and governance capabilities with a business-user friendly solution, providing business users with the ability to make faster, better business decisions based on fresh data with integrity, while also minimizing impact on IT teams and data infrastructure.”

This release comes on the heels of Infogix’s acquisition of data governance firm Data3Sixty back in February.

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