Information Builders Releases Vertical-Specific Analytic Accelerators

Information Builders Releases Vertical-Specific Analytic Accelerators

Source: Information Builders

Information Builders has announced the launch of Accelerators, a set of pre-built analytical content that is aimed at reducing the time it takes organizations to deploy their WebFOCUS platform. The Accelerators are industry-specific, helping them to really zone in on questions that are being asked in targeted verticals. Four different Accelerators will be launched initially (financial services, law enforcement, healthcare, insurance), with more planned in the months ahead.

The Accelerators are built atop the vendor’s experience in supported markets, as Information Builders has a slew of customers that fall into the first four arenas. The Accelerators are made up of interactive content that includes data visualizations, graphs, and reports. The add-ons provide organizations with a customized platform implementation, and integration with the WebFocus suite may be beneficial to those looking to scale their BI as analytics initiatives expand.

In a press statement, the company’s president and CEO Gerald Cohen explained: “As a result of our long-standing engagements with customers from a variety of verticals, we’ve identified some valuable use cases for BI and analytics in these respective industries. With Information Builders’ Accelerators offering, we’re providing customers with out-of-the-box WebFOCUS functionality to immediately derive data-backed insights into these chief challenges. The technology enables non-technical user communities from numerous sectors to make more informed and efficient decisions that drive the business forward and lay the framework for further BI and analytics success.”

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