Information Builders Unveils New WebFOCUS Platform

Information Builders Unveils New WebFOCUS Platform

Source: Information Builders

Information Builders has announced the release of its new WebFOCUS business intelligence platform. The solution features a revamped user interface and an intuitive workflow to automate mundane tasks. WebFOCUS combines governed BI with agile analytics to help users deliver a broad range of reports, dashboards, documents, and applications. Users can also leverage the new WebFOCUS Designer to create and manage all of their analytical assets, and easy-to-use applications, dashboards, and infographics can be created with fully responsive templates.

Information Builders has integrated a suite of data science functions with this new release that are built atop the vendor’s data access and cleansing tools. WebFOCUS now offers integration with R and Python network systems, models, and statistical functions as well. The product also includes a new set of data management capabilities, including a new data preparation wizard, write-back functions, big data adapters for Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and MariaDB, and a new tool for what-if analysis and sensitivity modeling.

In tandem with data science and data management add-ons, WebFOCUS Intelligent Objects makes its debut. The feature enables users to leverage each other’s related analytics via a new dynamic metadata later that is automatically generated as analytics are created. Each user can see and access similar and related views as well.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Chief of Operations Frank Vella said: “We’re exposing our depth in scalability, and making significant progress usability through innovation with WebFOCUS’s new features. The increased interoperability with other solutions enables high-speed access to big-data so organizations don’t have to change their entire infrastructure to integrate data sets from new sources. Instead, the easy-to-use platform allows businesses to avoid down time, maintaining productivity by dramatically increasing their system’s capability at a much lower cost to other BI platforms.”

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