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Innovative Solution Accelerator offering from Birst Fulfills Market Need

Birst Recurring Revenue Analytics Business Intelligence

Birst Recurring Revenue Analytics Business IntelligenceIn early November, leading cloud-based business intelligence provider Birst, Inc., launched its Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator.  This innovative software automatically captures data from NetSuite,, and other cloud management sites that are used within organizations.  The Recurring Revenue Solution examines the data in order to give users a better contextual understanding of the data.  By automatically extracting data from existing sources, the Accelerator software provides SaaS companies the ability to gather relevant data about acquisition cost, contract value, customer information, payback period, product sales, and renewal status.

Birst CEO and co-founder Brad Peters explains that the new solution offers subscription-based businesses the ability to maximize revenue, rapidly increase growth, and decrease churn.  “As a rapidly growing SaaS company, we well understand the key metrics that CEOs and CFOs require to measure the success of their organizations.  The Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator gives other SaaS companies that insight; they can simply turn on Birst, connect to cloud ERP and CRM applications and instantly get a dashboard with their organization’s Magic Number, churn, customer acquisition cost (CAC) and bookings growth,” Peters says.

The Birst Solution Accelerator has given enterprises such as OpenDNS insight that is vital to their short-term and long-term goals.  “Birst is fulfilling a tremendous market need that will continue to expand along with the prevalence of subscription-based products and services.  With the actionable intelligence provided by Birst, OpenDNS is able to make better, faster decisions that allow us to keep up with our rapidly growing business,” OpenDNS Business Intelligence Analyst Brian Flood says.

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