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insightsoftware Acquires Izenda Just Weeks After Logi Analytics Buy

insightsoftware Acquires Izenda Just Weeks After Logi Analytics Buy
insightsoftware Acquires Izenda Just Weeks After Logi Analytics Buy

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insightsoftware announced that it has acquired embedded analytics provider Izenda, according to a press release on the company’s website. The merger comes just weeks after its buy of Logi Analytics. According to insightsoftware “Logi Analytics and Izenda’s common vision that delivering insights within existing applications empowers workers to make better decisions.” No terms of the deals were disclosed. The merger demonstrates a commitment to enabling Logi Analytics to build upon its leadership position in the marketplace.

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Izenda is a business intelligence platform that enables ISVs, solutions providers, and other software developers to provide reporting and analytics embedded in the software their customers use every day. The firm provides an integration-ready embedded BI platform that allows organizations with on-prem, cloud, SaaS, and multi-tenant applications to deliver modern, self-service reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Users interact with customized analytics through a 100 percent web-based interface without needing database experience or intervention by IT.

Logi Analytics offers a development platform that allows teams to build, deploy, and maintain the analytics in their applications. With the Logi Platform, analytics content and capabilities are embedded and integrated within an existing application or portal. Application teams maintain control to customize the user experience and meet unique requirements. As part of the Logi Platform, Logi Services introduces REST APIs, allowing developers to programmatically interact with data sources, visualizations, and dashboards.

In a media statement on the news, insightsoftware CEO Jim Triandiflou said “Expanding our capabilities in operational reporting and analytics was a top priority for insightsoftware in 2021. Acquiring Logi Analytics a few weeks ago was a big step in this direction. Adding Izenda furthers our position with over 2,400 application teams around the world.”

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