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InterSystems Unveils IRIS Adaptive Analytics in Tandem with AtScale

InterSystems Unveils IRIS Adaptive Analytics in Tandem with AtScale
InterSystems Unveils IRIS Adaptive Analytics in Tandem with AtScale

Source: InterSystems

InterSystems recently announced the release of IRIS Adaptive Analytics, a new solution developed alongside data virtualization for advanced analytics vendor AtScale. IRIS Adaptive Analytics lives within the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform and provides capabilities for self-service analytics and data visualization. InterSystems dropped the news at its annual (and this year remote) user conference, Virtual Summit 2020. InterSystems also announced the general availability of IntegratedML.

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IRIS Adaptive Analytics enables simple integration between live data in InterSystems IRIS and popular third-party business intelligence tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. The tool lets data designers manage a common analytic data model while business users are enabled to create and modify BI dashboards without the need for IT. IRIS Adaptive Analytics also extends the scalability of InterSystems IRIS to support analytic workloads with even larger data sets.

The new solution adds relational online analytical processing capabilities to complement InterSystems’ existing multidimensional online analytical processing already offered inside IRIS. According to InterSystems, IRIS Adaptive Analytics will be available in an upcoming IRIS release.

In a media statement about the news, InterSystems Vice President of Data Platforms Scott Gnau said: “With InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics, coupled with the deep integration, data management, and advanced analytics capabilities already offered with our data platforms, we’re providing even greater capabilities that enable business users to ensure the continued success of the business, especially in times of disruption.”

Solutions Review recently sat down with InterSystems Director of Product Management Jeff Fried in our Boston studio to discuss some of the newest developments with data platforms, as well as how the company is positioning itself in the marketplace. Fried talks about some of the interesting things InterSystems is doing, particularly in the healthcare space, but also dives into what the company is offering organizations in other industries as well.

Learn more about the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

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