Kyvos Insights Unveils Free Version of its BI Acceleration Platform

Kyvos Insights Unveils Free Version of its BI Acceleration Platform

Source: Kyvos Insights

Kyvos Insights recently announced the general availability of Kyvos Free, a full-featured free version of its cloud-native BI acceleration product. The solution hastens the process of enabling business users and BI analysts to discover insights using their preferred tools. Kyvos Free is based on the company’s Smart OLAP technology. The product can be installed on any AWS environment and comes with a visual data-to-analysis pipeline that can be used with existing BI tools.

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Kyvos Insights is a data platform that enables users to visualize, explore, and analyze large data volumes in the cloud or via on-prem data lakes. The Kyvos Semantic Layer is powered by proprietary OLAP technology for delivering unlimited scale and thousands of users. The product enables you to explore data and query trillions of rows of data, interact and drill down to the lowest level of detail, and hasten the performance of connected BI software. Kyvos also touts simple infrastructure requirements and enterprise-class security with access control.

Kyvos Free enables users to slice and dice, drill down, and roll up 2 billion data points in sub-seconds, lets analysts add 10 dimensions and 50 fields in the cube, and offers support for up to 50 million cardinality. BI tool connections are made via SQL or MDX. Kyvos Free also touts unlimited named users and supports the most popular business intelligence tools like Tableau, Power BI, MicroStrategy, and Microsoft Excel.

In a media statement about the release, Kyvos Insights Chief Product Officer Ajay Anand said “Too many people have to make compromises in visualizing and consuming their data. Kyvos Free will change that and help people make intelligent decisions, without requiring expensive IT cycles and weeks and months of development.”

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