Logi Analytics Embeds Predictive Analytics with Release of Logi Predict

Logi Analytics Embeds Predictive Analytics with Release of Logi Predict

Source: Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics recently announced the release of Logi Predict, a predictive analytics solution designed to be embedded into applications. The tool allows product managers and developers to embed machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities into their own applications. Logi Predict’s automation makes creating predictive models a 3-step process. It can also be completely branded inside an application so developers have complete control over its user experience.

Logi Analytics offers a development platform that allows teams to build, deploy, and maintain the analytics in their applications. With the Logi Platform, analytics content and capabilities are embedded and integrated within an existing application or portal. Application teams maintain control to customize the user experience and meet unique requirements. As part of the Logi Platform, Logi Services introduces REST APIs, allowing developers to programmatically interact with data sources, visualizations, and dashboards.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Senior Director of Predictive Analytics Sriram Parthasarathy said: “As the analytics and business intelligence industry evolves, product managers using embedded applications are looking for ways to enhance their application and add predictive capabilities. Logi Predict is a natural addition to Logi’s existing platform that addresses this need. It allows product managers to seamlessly embed predictive capabilities within their existing application to predict future outcomes and suggest specific context-sensitive actions to be taken inside the application workflow.”

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