Looker Unveils Data Actions to Simplify Day-to-Day Workflows

Looker Unveils Data Actions to Simplify Day-to-Day Workflows

Looker has unveiled Data Actions, an industry-first integration of 3rd party business processes into a data platform. Looker customers are now able to take action in real-time on discovered actionable analysis directly from within the Looker platform, simplifying worklofws and improving productivity. The vendor is making the first Data Actions available today for some of the business tools most commonly used by its customers. Users can integrate any additional tools with APIs as Data Actions thereafter. In this way, users are enabled to take advantage of Looker’s analytics and critical business tools in a single pane of glass.

Data Actions demonstrate how everyday workflows can be improved by acting on data analysis in real-time through centralized business processes from within the Looker platform. these actions include:

  • Salesforce updates: Account executives can update Salesforce records of recently active leads directly from Looker
  • Custom emails: Account managers can send tailored emails to a customer or prospect while viewing their usage history in the tool
  • Zendesk tickets: A customer support representative can get a top-level view of open tickets, assigning and closing them in real-time to ensure all issues are resolved in a swift manner

Looker’s CEO Frank Bien speaks to the company’s newest innovation: “When talking to line-of-business managers, we kept hearing about how much time their employees lose switching between applications to complete tasks based on the analysis they do in Looker. Data Actions centralizes the workflow so that teams can analyze data and take action based on their analysis, all in one tool. The Data Actions we released today are just the beginning. With Data Actions, it’s possible to integrate nearly any key business action into Looker, making teams smarter, more efficient, and happier.”

Watch this video to see Data Actions in action

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