Micro Focus Vertica 11 Touts Unified Analytics and Machine Learning

Micro Focus Vertica 11 Touts Unified Analytics and Machine Learning

Source: Micro Focus

Micro Focus Vertica recently announced the launch of its new Vertica 11 Analytics Platform, according to a press release on the Micro Focus website. The announcement was made at Vertica Unify 2021. The product includes major feature enhancements aimed at delivering unified analytics and machine learning across multi-cloud and multi-regional deployments and touts self-service container workflows. Vertica 11 also enables customers to unify their data siloes and choose from broad deployment options.

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Vertica 11 includes additional in-database machine learning capabilities with the release of VerticaPy, an open-source Python library for Vertica that supports Python projects on data stored in Vertica. VerticaPy now includes expanded machine learning functionality, connection, and data exploration features as well as graphical capabilities. The release also offers a new, open-sourced Apache Spark Connector that supports Spark 3.0 and Scala 2.12 with S3, SSO, and parallel read/write support.

The latest version also brings Vertica in Eon Mode, Vertica’s cloud-optimized architecture that separates compute from storage. Eon Mode is now in full production on Microsoft Azure cloud in addition to AWS and Google Cloud. Additional enhancements include strengthened security, end-to-end machine learning and increased analytical performance.

In a media statement on the news, Micro Focus Senior Vice President and General Manager of Vertica Colin Mahony said: “Unified Analytics is a critical movement in our industry. But truly unified analytics requires proven and mature security, true deployment choice, end-to-end machine learning in production, and no-compromise analytical performance for organizations to capitalize on this mega trend. In Vertica 11, we expanded Vertica in Eon Mode to the Azure cloud, delivered support for Docker containers and Kubernetes, extended our market lead in advanced analytics and machine learning including time series forecasting, and much more.”

Read Vertica 11 announced at Unify 2021: Delivering on vision of Unified Analytics in the Vertica blog to learn more.

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