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Microsoft Acquires Datazen, Looks to Enhance Mobile BI


Technology giant Microsoft has recently acquired Datazen, a mobile business intelligence (BI) and analytics service. Datazen is a leading solution in the mobile BI space, with analytics solutions for iOS, Android, and Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Datazen has been successful in creating a mobile analytics solution that bridges the gap between power and simplicity while allowing users ease of use no matter which mobile device they choose. A pillar in Datazen’s model is to make sure that their mobile BI offering integrates seamlessly on next-generation devices as they were released.

With this acquisition, Microsoft has clearly taken notice that business intelligence and analytics solutions, in all their forms, are becoming commonplace in today’s enterprise. Datazen’s impressive portfolio of mobile software should enable Microsoft to push further with its own cloud BI solution, Power BI. The acquisition of Datazen will likely shorten Microsoft’s roadmap and accelerate the strategy of Power BI to help organizations create a data culture that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. In helping to beef up Power BI, Microsoft will push harder to make itself one of the elites in a growing but crowded technology sector.

Current SQL server customers already use Datazen because it is optimized for SQL server analysis and the overall Microsoft platform which enables interactive visualization and KPI’s on all of the major mobile operating systems. Thus, Datazen’s technology will compliment Power BI and help round out Microsoft’s mobile capabilities for customers who need a mobile BI solution deployed on-premise and optimized for SQL server. Over time, Microsoft’s plan is to deploy Datazen technologies into Power BI to give customers a hybrid bridge for their on-premise investment to the cloud. Current Microsoft SQL server customers can download Datazen for free right now.

Datazen has taken their mobile BI and made it sharp, smart, and great looking on a mobile scale. Appearance is everything when using an analytics tool on a mobile device due to the lack of screen real estate. Enterprise companies need simpler and more compact ways to digest analytics in order to improve their businesses, and Microsoft is hedging its bets on mobile BI getting them there. Microsoft’s strategy is simple: Microsoft can offer both varieties (cloud and on-premise) while not sacraficing either. While Microsoft works on integrating the two solutions, Datazen’s current software offerings will remain available in their current forms.

To view Microsoft’s official release, click here.


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