Microsoft Unveils Power BI Premium at Data Insights Summit

Microsoft Unveils Power BI Premium at Data Insights Summit

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Microsoft has announced the general availability of Power BI Premium. The tool, which was officially released at the company’s Data Insights Summit on June 12th, was first announced back in May. Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Business Applications James Phillips unveiled the solution during the conference keynote. Power BI Premium includes many new features that enable report distribution broadly across an enterprise environment and externally without requiring recipients to be individually licensed.

The new platform is available in a range of capacity sizes that each include a different number of virtual cores and memory sizes that can scale as requirements change. It includes the on-prem deployment and distribution of interactive Power BI reports and traditional paginated reports with Power BI Report Server. Power BI Premium enables the same number of virtual cores an organization provisions in the cloud to also be deployed on-prem without the need to split the capacity. Users can choose Power BI in the cloud or maintain reports on-prem with Power BI Report Server and move to the cloud at a later date.

Power BI Report Server is generally available now as part of Power BI Premium. SQL Server Enterprise Edition customers with active Software Assurance have the rights to deploy Power BI Report Server through SA entitlement. Additionally, Power BI Premium advances how Power BI content is embedded in apps by converging Power BI Embedded with the Power BI service. Customers, partners and the broad developer community can take advantage of one API surface, a consistent set of capabilities and access to the latest features with Power BI Premium.

If you aren’t able to attend the Microsoft Data Insights Summit, watch the keynotes and featured sessions on demand for more information on Power BI Premium and today’s other announcements.

Pricing for embedding with Power BI Premium begins at $625 per month.

Check out the Power BI blog for additional release information.

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