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MicroStrategy 10.2 Makes Application Development Faster

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MicroStrategy 10.2

MicroStrategy recently announced version 10.2 of their flagship enterprise analytics platform, delivering a collection of cross-platform product enhancements with a focus on making application development faster. Version 10.2 makes it easier for users to build apps and dashboards, find answers, and ultimately complete business tasks in a more timely and efficient manner.

New features in MicroStrategy’s latest release include simpler D3 visualization workflows and novel collaboration options that allow business analysts to easily add annotations or comments while sharing dashboards via MicroStrategy Desktop. The new offering also features customizable home screens via the MicroStrategy Web. Web also enables reusable themes for documents, replaceable datasets, auto partitioning of in-memory cubes, and more.

MicroStrategy Mobile also gains new features, including enhanced drilling, offline prompt support, mobile subscriptions for iOS, and improvements with the native mobile application that is available on the Android platform.

Here are some additional details regarding new features and functionality:

Faster Application Development

  • Reusable document themes: Capture an entire document’s formatting, style and branding and instantly apply all of the formatting choices across hundreds of other documents and applications.
  • Dataset replacement: Empowers users to build and deploy hundreds of branded applications in days as opposed to months. For partners, version 10.2 makes it easy to build entire libraries of pre-configured industry-specific applications, re-wire them to different datasets, and re-brand them with custom formatting.

Faster Data Visualization and Analytics

  • Extended D3 visualization galleries: Allows users to tap into open-source and third party visual libraries faster with in-product extensions to add and use D3 visualizations. Version 10.2 allows users to quickly include D3 visualizations, charts, and graphs, without having to restart the application.
  • Auto-partitioning of cubes: MicroStrategy 10.2 automates the partitioning of in-memory cubes for faster parallel processing, selecting the most optimal attribute on which to partition the cube, with faster results from the in-memory data partitioning.
  • Custom homepages: Version 10.2 gives Web users the ability to personalize their homepages to spotlight what matters most to them. By building homepages with quick links and thumbnails to frequency accessed reports, users get to their favorite content faster than ever before. Homepages can be customized with any number of color themes, multimedia content, videos, social media feeds, and quick links to analytics content.

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Faster Collaboration

  • Annotate and share: MicroStrategy Desktop 10.2 allows business users to highlight key metrics, trends or outliers with annotations, and easily share these findings with colleagues. End users can then overlay comments on dashboards and add personalized notes to share with other users.

Enhanced Mobile Productivity

  • Create mobile subscriptions from mobile: Version 10.2 offers users the flexibility to subscribe to reports and documents, and schedule and manage those subscriptions directly through mobile devices.
  • Prompt support in off-line mode: MicroStrategy now supports scenarios and applications that require prompted reports or documents in offline mode. By saving valid caches for a report or document, this capability greatly enhances personalized mobile applications that are designed to function in the absence of a local internet connection.

MicroStrategy’s President Paul Zolfaghari concludes: “MicroStrategy 10.2 is a truly innovative and cutting-edge analytics platform. Our enterprise analytics software solution has never been more relevant, powerful, and easy to use for global organizations eager to transform their complex Big Data and analytics projects into actionable business insight. We take great pride in bringing to market a highly stable, agile and feature-rich product, and we’re thrilled to share version 10.2 with our customers.”

MicroStrategy 10.2 will be the focal point of the company’s annual user conference, which will take place from February 8th through 10th in Miami, Florida. Click here for additional event information.

To read the full press release, click here.

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