MicroStrategy Adds New Analytics Connectors to Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau

MicroStrategy Adds New Analytics Connectors to Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau

Source: MicroStrategy on Twitter

MicroStrategy recently announced the availability of new connectors to data discovery tools from other leading vendors in the marketplace, including Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Technologies, and Tableau Software. The company broke the news at its annual user conference, MicroStrategy World 2018. The release enables enterprise organizations that currently utilize other products to integrate with MicroStrategy 10.

According to the company, the new connectors will “help promote a more open and powerful analytics ecosystem by enabling business users of different discovery tools to bridge applications across their enterprise.” This provides users the ability to take advantage of individual features they want from data discovery tools while pairing MicroStrategy’s governance and security for analytics applications.

The connectors provide data discovery users with access to a broad range of reusable objects. In this way, they can reuse foundational objects like metrics and dimensions, as well as reports, dashboards, and mobile apps hundreds of times across multiple locations. Changes to applications automatically proliferate to dependent and underlying objects as well.

The company’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Tim Lang adds: “We see business users buying data discovery tools just like they purchase a commodity on Amazon. While they can begin a conversation about their data, these conversations all too often turn into dead ends because no one can trust all of the different answers that come from having multiple applications and data silos. With these new connectors, users can keep using their data discovery tools and fully leverage MicroStrategy 10.”

Customers can download the new connectors by visiting the MicroStrategy Community. MicroStrategy is one of four vendors taking part in the Gartner “BI Bake-Off: The Modern BI and Analytics Platform.” The other three providers are Microsoft, Qlik, and Tableau Software. The event will take place at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit on Sunday, March 4th.

Read MicroStragey’s full press release, or, if you’re so inclined, tune in live to the general session of the user event being held in Las Vegas.

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