MicroStrategy Announces Alation Integration Into Flagship BI Tool

MicroStrategy Announces Alation Integration Into Flagship BI Tool

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MicroStrategy recently announced that version 10 of their flagship BI and analytics tool will feature integration with Alation Data Explorer, the search and discovery interface of data cataloging provider Alation. The integration allows users to access the data catalog directly within the MicroStrategy platform for the conduction of self-service data discovery and analytics.

In a statement, MicroStrategy’s VP of Global Alliances Emmanuel Richard spoke to the announcement: “As the market distances itself progressively from niche, visualization-only technologies, MicroStrategy’s enterprise analytics platform remains highly flexible to help organizations keep up with the rapidly changing big data landscape, and adapt to new technologies and data storage paradigms. The combination of Alation’s data cataloging capacity withMicroStrategy 10 fills a critical technology gap and provides a modern big data analytics solution stack for both data consumers and BI experts.”

When Alation connects to an organization’s data sources, it crawls and indexes data assets stored across different physical repositories, including databases, Hadoop files and data visualization tools. As enterprises shift to self-service analytics environments, users are increasingly becoming the primary consumers of data. Alation integration in MicroStrategy 10 supports this changing paradigm by providing data cataloging and governance for large swaths of users. The integration puts Alation’s newest software development kit to use.

Alation’s Head of Product Aaron Kalb concludes: “With our new SDK, Alation offers the first embeddable data catalog browser for analytical tools, and a hassle-free implementation that brings the power of a collaborative data catalog directly into the workflow of the data consumer. We’re excited to be working closely with MicroStrategy and making it simpler than ever for our joint customers to discover and share data knowledge.”

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