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Oracle Adds Slew of Modern BI Features to Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Adds Slew of Modern BI Features to Oracle Analytics Cloud
Oracle Adds Slew of Modern BI Features to Oracle Analytics Cloud

Source: Oracle

Oracle recently announced new innovations to Oracle Analytics Cloud, headlined by enhanced interactions with data via maps, visual market basket analysis, and mobile devices. Oracle Analytics Cloud now features explainable machine learning, data preparation, built-in text analytics, natural language queries, and a brand new mobile application. In sum, the product now touts a much richer set of capabilities that solve for the entire enterprise analytics workflow.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.

Oracle offers a broad range of BI and analytics tools that can be deployed on-prem or in the Oracle Cloud. The company provides traditional BI capabilities inside its Business Intelligence 12c solution. Oracle Data Visualization provides more advanced features and allows users to automatically visualize data as drag-and-drop attributes, charts, and graphs. The tool also enables users to save snapshots of an analytical moment-in-time via story points.

New explainable machine learning lets any user see simple explanations of the factors that influenced a model for outcome prediction while automated data preparation uses a data profiling engine that samples and scans data to proactively promptly users about potential data quality issues. Text analytics enables users to extract words from unstructured data, count them, and visualize the results, and the affinity analysis feature lets you discover relationships in data by viewing sets of items that commonly appear together.

This release also includes graph analytics for showing data relationships in a visual manner and custom map analytics for applying custom images as map backgrounds. The new mobile application offers a consistent user experience and the ability to interact with visualizations and dashboards, as well as share information across teams for further collaboration.

According to Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Analytics T.K. Anand, the latest updates “are reflective of our focus on innovation and responding to our customers’ needs. This is why we are particularly excited to branch out into new ways our customers can share data and analyses in the form of “data stories” —all through a single, extensible cloud analytics platform that allows everyone to create custom visual experiences with little or no code.”

Read Announcing new Oracle Analytics Cloud innovations or watch The latest (May 2021) Oracle Analytics Mobile app on YouTube to learn more about the new features.

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