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Oracle Enhancing Data Integration Offering with Release of Data Integrator 12c

Oracle Data Integrator 12c

Oracle Data Integrator 12cData integration continues to emerge as a major enterprise challenge in need of the best solutions and today, Oracle stepped in with a major revision to it’s primary integration product – Oracle Data Integrator 12c. According to the release out of Redwood City, CA, this new version will “help improve performance, increase productivity, and simplify deployment, while providing organizations with solutions that can easily keep pace with new data-oriented technology trends, like cloud computing, big data analytics, real-time business intelligence, and continuous data availability.”

Now that is a quote the scores the maximum point value in a game of enterprise solutions Buzzword Bingo. Of course an older technology company like Oracle is fighting off all sorts of new challengers in every one of the categories mentioned. So forgive them if they are busy painting each new release in the vibrant gloss of big data, cloud, and BI.

But all that said, Oracle is still a guide star solutions company when it comes to data and their new Data Integrator 12c does offer some very real improvements with regard to high performance integration including:

  • Ease of use, and rapidtime-to-market with the new flow-based mapping model and reusable mappings
  • Increased performance when executing data integration processes due to improved parallelism.
  • Improved productivity and monitoring via tighter integration with Oracle GoldenGate 12c and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.
  • Improved interoperability with Oracle Warehouse Builder which enables faster and easier migration to Oracle Data Integrator’s strategic data integration offering.
  • Faster implementation of business analytics through Oracle Data Integrator pre-integrated with Oracle BI Applications’ latest release. Oracle Data Integrator also integrates simply and easily with Oracle Business Analytics tools, including OBI-EE and Oracle Hyperion.
  • Support for loading and transforming big and fast data, enabled by integration with big data technologies: Hadoop, Hive, HDFS, and Oracle Big Data Appliance.

So if you are an existing Oracle customer or also have GoldenGate this new release is going to yield some clear benefits with regard to performance and features. “Oracle GoldenGate 12c’s new Integrated Delivery mode for Oracle Database auto-tunes the parallelism and computes dependencies between transactions automatically, which allows end users to easily configure the product with a single delivery process,” said Eva Dafonte Perez, Deputy Head for the Database Group, CERN. “This advanced replication, tested with an LHC application workload in the context of the CERN openlab collaboration with Oracle, performs five times faster compared to previous GoldenGate version and simplifies the management of a multi-tier replication environment.”

A link to a .pdf data sheet for Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition can be found here.

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