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Our 3 Favorite “Most Valuable” Business Intelligence Companies in 2018

Our 3 Favorite "Most Valuable" Business Intelligence Companies in 2018

Our 3 Favorite "Most Valuable" Business Intelligence Companies in 2018

IT media platform Analytics Insight recently named The 10 Most Valuable Business Intelligence Companies in 2018. The listing, which was released in Analytics Insight’s April-May magazine issue, features the providers which offer “cutting-edge” BI and data analytics tools that address the needs of organizations across different verticals and hasten the speed of innovation in the marketplace.

Machine learning and AI are making a dramatic impact on the vendors and software tools in this space, and the Analytics Insight listing makes this abundantly clear. At Solutions Review, we track the solution providers that have the biggest impact on the enterprise. As such, we’ve read through the issue, available here, and selected three high-value business intelligence companies we think matter most. For an even deeper dive into the top BI and data analytics tools, consult our Buyer’s Guide for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Platforms.

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Automated Insights

Automated Insights is the creator of a public natural language generation template engine called Wordsmith. The technology allows organizations to generate human-centric narratives from data, providing users with the ability to create personalized reports, articles and narratives. Wordsmith also features integration tools that are relative to individuals and organizational structures. The company’s natural language technologies are currently used by some of the largest companies in the world, and in a wide array of industry verticals. Automated Insights was founded by Robbie Allen in 2007.


MicroStrategy is a publicly traded BI provider that provides out-of-the-box gateways and native drivers that connect to any enterprise resource, including databases, mobile device management (MDM) systems, enterprise directories, cloud applications, and physical access control systems. The MicroStrategy Platform enables developers and administrators to simplify and accelerate processes at every level of an analytics deployment. A built-in metadata repository stores and catalogs logical business definitions of enterprise data and forms reusable building blocks for every report, dashboard, and application.

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics offers its data and analytics tool through its flagship platform, Pyramid 2018. The solution touts a server-based, multi-user analytics OS environment that provides self-service capabilities. Pyramid 2018 features a platform-agnostic architecture that allows users to manage data across any environment, regardless of technology. The tool enables those users to prepare, model, visualize, analyze, publish, and present data from web browsers and mobile devices. The company’s product portfolio remains highly integrated with Microsoft’s BI tools, offering an enterprise front end to Microsoft SQL Server Analyses Services (SSAS). However, Pyramid has attempted to differentiate itself with its new product portfolio.

We highly encourage you to read Analytics Insight’s full listing.

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