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Periscope Data Beefs Up Data Discovery with Spring 2018 Release

Periscope Data Beefs Up Data Discovery Capabilities with Spring 2018 Release
Periscope Data Beefs Up Data Discovery Capabilities with Spring 2018 Release

Source: Periscope Data

Periscope Data recently announced the Spring 2018 update to its flagship data analytics platform, featuring new visual data discovery capabilities. The Periscope Data Platform will now provide individual business users with direct access to current data sets, curated by their data analysts and data scientists and customized by line of business. This will allow non-technical users to access data on-the-fly without any proprietary markup languages or data modeling.

Periscope Data’s Unified Data Platform offers users the ability to do complex analysis with SQL, Python and R in one place. The company touts more than 1,000 customers around the globe and is backed by more than $34 million in venture capital. Periscope Data was founded in 2012 in San Francisco.

Highlights of the new release don’t end with data discovery enhancements. Spring 2018 adds support for Python 3.6, adds additional Python libraries and R packages, and increases the dataframe maximum size to 500MB. It also provides additional control over shared dashboards by allowing users to create shared dashboards and control access with a per-share password. Periscope now ensures that dashboards are neatly formatted with guidelines and page boundaries for printed and digital reports as well.

In a media statement, the company’s co-founder and CEO Harry Glaser said: “Business users deserve an agile approach that lets them be hands-on in the data without requiring them to waste time learning complex markup languages or waiting weeks to see results. For the first time, business users will have the power to personally explore their data and answer the tough questions about their business, faster.”

Periscope Data is hard to miss these days, as the company has exponentially increased its presence in the market in recent months. Periscope was named to Database Trends and Applications22 Startups to Watch in ’18 back in March. Its Spring 2018 release is generating significant buzz in the space, a trend we expect to continue into the second half of the year and beyond.

Read the full press release or click through for more.

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