Pyramid Analytics Adds Slew of New Capabilities to its Analytics OS

Pyramid Analytics Adds Slew of New Capabilities to its Analytics OS

Source: Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics has released the newest version of its Pyramid 2018 platform. The update enables Pyramid to deliver a server-based, multi-user analytics operating system with on-prem, hybrid, and cloud deployment options and tablet applications. The company is introducing more than 100 new and enhanced capabilities, with more than 40 of them based on feedback from existing customers.

Pyramid 2018 offers multiple AI engines and language support (R, Python, TensorFlow, Weka, MLIB, SAS runtime and others), which enables organizations to integrate machine learning algorithms into their data activities. Users can write and share their own calculations and algorithms, or use existing algorithms from an online marketplace available within the product.

An improved user experience is the gem of this newest release, adding seven new languages, application interface personalization options, and three new in-application tutorials for getting started. The tool also features new wizards for managing iterative processes, refined controls for visualizations, and custom color options that make it possible for users to discover and visualize more from their data with less effort. Customers gain additional deployment options with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure support as well.

In a statement, the company’s co-founder and CEO Omri Kohl said: “Organizations succeed when they are able to standardize and share insights and information across the entire enterprise. Many of today’s mega vendors still rely on outdated technology that fails to meet end-user needs or they focus too much on end users at the expense of organizational needs. Pyramid 2018 enables our customers to conduct enterprise-grade, self-service analytics. Now with the release of Pyramid 2018.04 and the Pyramid 2018 Tablet app — along with AWS and Azure support — enterprise data analytics is easier and more collaborative than ever before.”

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