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Pyramid v2020.10 Touts More Than 150 New Enterprise-Grade Features

Pyramid v2020.10 Touts More Than 150 New Enterprise-Grade Features
Pyramid v2020.10 Touts More Than 150 New Enterprise-Grade Features

Source: Pyramid Analytics on YouTube

Pyramid Analytics recently announced the release of Pyramid v2020.10, the latest version of its flagship business intelligence and data analytics platform. The update brings more than 150 new enterprise-grade features and enhancements into the fold, including both broad, functional upgrades for ease of use and advanced analytic capabilities for more defined insight. The news comes on the heels of the company’s $25 million-dollar funding round in March.

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Pyramid Analytics offers data and analytics tool through its flagship platform, Pyramid v2020. The solution touts a server-based, multi-user analytics OS environment that provides self-service capabilities. Pyramid v2020 features a platform-agnostic architecture that allows users to manage data across any environment, regardless of technology. The tool enables those users to prepare, model, visualize, analyze, publish, and present data from web browsers and mobile devices.

Pyramid v2020.10 includes a better data discovery environment with additional code-free capabilities for creating custom reports and displaying date-time data without having to configure filters. Pyramid has also expanded first-class support to all SAP data sources through a native integration with Datavard’s Glue connector. New data flow documentation lets users automatically generate model-based system documentation as well.

A new end-user interface called Present Lite (which builds off of the two data discovery modes unveiled in the v2020 initial release) simplifies the creation of presentations and dashboards. Casual users can also take advantage of the new flow grids and charting functionality to build multi-page dashboards. Thew new Content Migration Wizard provides a simple way for users to copy content from one server to another.

In a statement about the news, Pyramid’s co-founder and CTO Avi Perez said: “An undeniable gap exists in today’s data and analytics market. Tools are either meant for a skilled professional to perform complex machine learning projects, or for business users to consume and interact with dashboards. Our big v2020 release addressed this gap with a highly tailored, configurable experience. v2020.10 builds on that groundbreaking release, introducing across-the-board product enhancements to reinforce the concept of ‘trusted analytics.”

To learn more about Pyramid v2020.10, check out the company’s Business Intelligence Blog or watch demos of the new features on YouTube.

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