Qlik Adds Advanced Analytics, Smart Data Viz to Flagship BI Tool

Qlik Adds Advanced Analytics, Smart Data Viz to Flagship BI Tool

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Qlik has announced the release of Qlik Sense June 2017, the newest version of the provider’s application for self-service Business Intelligence and visual analytics. The platform is built atop an integrated cloud platform and powered by Qlik’s patented QIX Associative Indexing Engine. At its Qonnections 2017 customer and partner event, Qlik previewed functionality highlighting how they will advance their analytics portfolio to drive greater insight from all data, on-premise and in the cloud.

Qlik Sense now includes several new visualization types, including a Box Plot, Distribution Chart, and Histogram that allows users to make better sense of their data. Users will also be able to apply custom coloring to particular data values within master dimensions, providing consistency across an entire application. In addition, search history now makes it easier to go back to previous analyses. The updated tool also provides smart data preparation capabilities so users can load, transform and enrich their data without the need for scripting. These features include:

  • Visual data profiling: Assists users in understanding data as they load it into the tool. Includes auto-generated visual representations of the data through histograms and other data viz tools
  • Data binning: Enables users to create data bins or groups of numeric data so more granular analysis can be run with numeric data
  • Table concatenation: Allows users to concatenate tables even if they do not have the same fields and field names. Users can bring together tables from two companies even if they do not store data in a similar manner

In a statement, the company’s SVP of Engineering MIke Potter added: “We architected Qlik Sense and the Qlik Analytics Platform to be cloud ready, and now we’ve embraced a micro-services architecture that will enable seamless spanning of data and analysis across infrastructure boundaries. This is about customer choice and flexibility, unprecedented scalability, and achieving significant cost efficiencies for our customer base.”

For a complete list of new features, read the full press release.

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