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Qlik Updates AI-Powered Insight Advisor for Augmented Analytics

Qlik Updates AI-Powered Insight Advisor for Augmented Analytics
Qlik Updates AI-Powered Insight Advisor for Augmented Analytics

Source: Qlik

Qlik has announced a set of updates to Qlik Insight Advisor, the company’s AI-powered assistant that makes augmented analytics possible. Qlik Insight Advisor provides users with AI-driven assistance that adds value to interactions with data for cloud analytics. Qlik users can interact with Insight Advisor in several ways, including natural language-driven and search-based visual analysis, conversational analytics, associative insights to expose hidden data relationships, and assistance with data preparation and advanced analytics.

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Qlik offers a broad spectrum of BI and analytics tools, which is headlined by the company’s flagship offering, Qlik Sense. The solution enables organizations to combine all their data sources into a single view. The Qlik Analytics Platform allows users to develop, extend and embed visual analytics in existing applications and portals. Embedded functionality is done within a common governance and security framework.

The new Insight Advisor Chat offers a fully conversational analytics experience that is native to Qlik Sense SaaS, and is available in the Qlik Sense Hub in multiple languages. Enhanced business logic functionality enables users the ability to create business rules and metadata to customize the AI’s behavior. This also includes the ability to logically group fields, classify data, specify default behaviors, and define preferred relationships.

Qlik’s Associative Engine has been enhanced with advanced analytics calculations, touting a new function called K-Means Clustering, which allows data points to be grouped together based on similarity. Qlik Insight Advisor will also now auto-generate cluster and correlation charts in search-based visual analysis. Search-based insight generation is now available on handheld devices as well.

In a media statement about the news, Qlik Chief Product Officer James Fisher said: “Analytics users want to do more with their data, but often struggle with where to look or what next steps to take. Insight Advisor gives these users a complete and powerful AI assistant, built directly into Qlik Sense, to help guide them along every step of their data exploration and analysis journey.”

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