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RapidMiner 9.6 Features New AutoML Tool, User Persona Capabilities

RapidMiner 9.6 Features New AutoML Tool, User Persona Capabilities
RapidMiner 9.6 Features New AutoML Tool, User Persona Capabilities

Source: RapidMiner

RapidMiner recently announced the release of RapidMiner 9.6, an update to its flagship data science platform. The update, according to RapidMiner “prioritizes people – not technology – at the center of the enterprise AI journey, providing new, unique experiences to empower users of varying backgrounds and abilities.” Version 9.6 enables more collaboration between coders, non-coding data scientists, and business users.

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RapidMiner offers a data science platform that enables people of all skill levels across the enterprise to build and operate AI solutions. The product covers the full lifecycle of the AI production process, from data exploration and data preparation to model building, model deployment, and model operations. RapidMiner provides the depth that data scientists need, but simplifies AI for everyone else via a visual user interface that streamlines the process of building and understanding complex models.

RapidMiner 9.6 touts a new automated machine learning (AutoML) solution called RapidMiner Go, built specifically for business users with no previous data science experience. Users can access it through a browser in SaaS and private hosted options. Go hooks directly into the rest of the platform so that models created by business users are tuned by more experienced users.

JupyterHub is now built directly into the RapidMiner Platform, enabling users to code in Python in a centrally-managed and governed location. RapidMiner Model Ops (part of the 9.4 release) can now deploy, manage, and monitor models that are custom-created, even if build entirely in Python. RapidMiner 9.6 also includes a new integration with Grafana, an open source data visualization tool. Grafana can be used by an array of users to build interactive web apps and dashboards.

In a media statement about RapidMiner 9.6, the company’s Founder Ingo Mierswa said: “Our goal with RapidMiner 9.6 is to help expand access to data science for users of every skill level. With this top of mind, the platform enhancement provides even more depth for experienced data scientists, Python coders and more, while simplifying the process for all in order to provide greater clarity for stakeholders and decision makers at each stage of the business process.”

Learn more about the RapidMiner platform.

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