RapidMiner Unveils Cloud Data Science Tool and Auto Model Application

RapidMiner Unveils Cloud Data Science Tool and Auto Model Application

RapidMiner has announced the release of RapidMiner AI Cloud, a cloud platform that allows organizations to build, train, manage and deploy predictive models. AI Cloud features a suite of applications tailored to data scientists, business analysts and even engineers and scientists. The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s release of RapidMiner 9.0 with Turbo Prep.

RapidMiner offers a unified platform for data science teams that includes data preparation, machine learning and predictive model deployment. The product touts a community of more than a quarter-million data science experts, as well as a marketplace that keeps pace with evolving trends. RapidMiner’s 60+ connectors provide access to any type of data, and users can run workflows in-memory or in-Hadoop.

RapidMiner also unveiled Auto Model, which is the AI Cloud’s first application. Currently available in beta, Auto Model uses automated machine learning to build predictive models in 4 clicks. It does not generate box predictive models, and both the model itself and how the model was created are detailed step-by-step and narrated visually. RapidMiner is also promising additional capabilities for AI Cloud in the coming months, including a data preparation application, data enrichment services, new integrations, a real-time scoring engine, and native collaboration.

In a press statement, the company’s Chief Product Officer Lars Bauerle said: “We’re thrilled to announce Auto Model on the RapidMiner AI Cloud. AI Cloud is built on a modern, powerful architecture that will scale to the most demanding customer use cases. With the release today of Auto Model for AI Cloud, anyone can get started building predictive models in just a few minutes. We have an exciting vision for the future of AI Cloud, and we will share more over the coming months.”

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