Salesforce Analytics Cloud – Bringing BI and Data Analytics to Your Mobile Device

In a world where mobile devices account for more than 60 percent of time spent viewing digital media, business owners in need of customer relationships analytics while on the go had few options. That was, until now. Salesforce, the #1 CRM company, has released the next generation of their Analytics Cloud software, a mobile innovation that will enable users to analyze data, build new dashboards, and share their intuitions with the tap of a finger.

The company explains, “Customers love to make decisions based on insights, not instincts, and that is driving the amazing momentum we are seeing with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Adding further, “With our new mobile innovations, we are making it easier than ever to instantly consume, create and share critical customer insights without ever leaving your phone.”

More than half of the Analytics Cloud queries since the launch of the software have come as a result of mobile devices. Further, a recent McKinsey & Company study found that companies who rigorously use customer analytics are 2.6 times more likely to have a notable return on investment. Unfortunately, even despite the clear advantage a mobile application like this creates, most of the solutions within this space are bulky and hardly accessible while using a mobile device.

Along with the desktop version, Salesforce has also released a playground version of the software for mobile devices, free of charge. This will allow users to upload their own data or pull from a variety of pre-loaded data sets.

The Analytics Cloud mobile innovation, which is powered by the Wave Platform, includes the Wave Mobile Connector, Wave Mobile Dashboard Designer and Wave Link; three tools to help users get the most out of their information. The Wave Mobile Connector allows users to upload their own raw data file and turn it into an interactive visualization, which can be shared immediately. The Wave Mobile Dashboard Designer enables the creation of an entire analytics dashboard, using any data source. Finally, Wave Links helps users toggle between the Analytics Cloud and the Salesforce1 mobile application – or any other custom partner application.

Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud will go a long way in giving business owners the flexibility they need to run their businesses, and their new mobile innovation just may be a game-changer.

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