SAP Gobbles Up KXEN to Build A Better Big Data Story

SAP Acquires KXEN Big Data AnalyticsGo to the SAP Business Objects web site and you quickly see references to “analyzing Big Data in real-time”. But clearly the German based super company didn’t feel it had the strongest big data story on the block, so they went out and acquired KXEN last week in order to “help companies harness big data, engage users across the enterprise and aims to execute before their competitors to gain advantages they never thought possible.”

KXEN is a leading provider of predictive analytics technology for line-of-business users and analysts and according to SAP the acquisition is “intended to complement existing advanced analytics from SAP, including SAP® Predictive Analysis software.” SAP plans to incorporate KXEN technology into cloud and on-premise SAP applications built on SAP HANA, including the SAP Fraud Management analytic application, SAP® Smart Meter Analytics software and the SAP 360 Customer solution. This is aiming to help customers use predictive analytics and data mining to make better decisions on petabytes of big data.

SAP HANA is the company’s in-memory computing platform that uses emerging technology to deliver dramatically accelerated analytics, business processes, sentiment data processing, and predictive capabilities. The acquisition is expected to allow SAP to introduce new predictive capabilities to the portfolio of solutions for more than 25 industries, particularly data-intensive vertical industries such as telecommunications, retail, consumer products, manufacturing and financial services.

“The compelling combination of KXEN with market-leading analytics and business intelligence solutions from SAP intends to deliver the capability organizations need to innovate for growth in high-volume data environments,” said Michael Reh, executive vice president, Business Information Technology, Products & Innovation, SAP. “Just as SAP is revolutionizing visualization, KXEN will allow us to bring predictive analytics to more business users, enabling easier-to-adopt solutions and the delivery of greater value via SAP solutions.”

Doug Atkinson