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SAS Improves Cloud Migration, Analytic Workload Management on Viya

SAS Improves Cloud Migration, Analytic Workload Management on Viya
SAS Improves Cloud Migration, Analytic Workload Management on Viya

Source: SAS Software

The SAS Viya analytics and data management platform is getting updated with easier cloud migration and enhanced analytic workload management, according to a press release on the company’s website. These product developments, according to SAS “help customers more efficiently democratize analytics throughout their organizations while seamlessly managing analytic workloads and building SAS into a variety of applications.” The release is highlighted by an integration with Microsoft Azure services.

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SAS Viya simplifies model deployment, integrates with business rules, and enables you to centrally view and manage the performance of all analytic models. This includes both SAS and open source models and lineage templates. The platform can be embedded into your own applications using public APIs as well. SAS Viya also connects to and integrates with all kinds of data, including structured, unstructured, text, documents, audio and images wherever it lives (cloud, on-prem, or in data lakes or traditional systems).

The integration with Microsoft Azure lts users stand up SAS analytics in their cloud environments, run them, and give users access to the latest innovations and centrally manage everything with tools they are already familiar with. The Azure integration brings a new joint solution called Predict & Plan Consumer Demand. SAS Viya is bolstered by capabilities from its Boensja acquisition that boost the portability of SAS and open-source models for mobile and enterprise applications. They also ease the development and execution of models and decisions that depend on low-code and no-code technologies.

In a media statement on the news, SAS CEO Jim Goodnight said “SAS Viya helps organizations see their data, customers and operations in new ways that encourage confident decision making.”

Watch SAS Viya + Microsoft Azure: DR. Jim Goodnight and Satya Nadella on YouTube to learn more.

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