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SAS Teases SAS Viya 4 Cloud Analytics at Virtual User Conference

SAS Teases SAS Viya 4 Cloud Analytics at Virtual User Conference
SAS Teases SAS Viya 4 Cloud Analytics at Virtual User Conference

Source: SAS Software on YouTube

SAS Software recently announced its upcoming SAS Viya 4 analytics platform release at Virtual SAS Global Forum 2020. Set to become available in late 2020, SAS Viya 4 is designed to be delivered and updated continuously via a new cloud-native architecture and the availability of interactive or programming interfaces. The platform will also be enhanced with automated data preparation, AutoML, and model deployment capabilities.

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SAS Viya simplifies model deployment, integrates with business rules, and enables you to centrally view and manage the performance of all analytic models. This includes both SAS and open source models and lineage templates. The platform can be embedded into your own applications using public APIs as well. SAS Viya also connects to and integrates with all kinds of data, including structured, unstructured, text, documents, audio and images wherever it lives (cloud, on-prem, or in data lakes or traditional systems).

SAS Viya 4 will make it easier for application developers to collaborate with data science teams. The platform will use a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) process that allows customers to choose their release intervals. The container-based architecture is orchestrated by Kubernetes and provides portability across an array of cloud environments like Azure, Google, AWS, and OpenShift.

In a statement about the news, SAS COO and CTO Oliver Schabenberger said: “This release marks an aggressive and innovative step for the SAS platform and for our customers. Organizations are asking to fuel their digital transformation with agility, speed, automation, intelligence and continuity. Those are the attributes of SAS Viya 4 – cloud-native advanced analytics and AI for users of all skill levels, turning business intelligence into intelligent business in the cloud.”

Learn more about the upcoming SAS Viya 4 release on the company’s website or via this quick YouTube video.

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