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Sigma Computing Launches New Sigma Workbooks

Sigma Computing Launches New Sigma Workbooks
Sigma Computing Launches New Sigma Workbooks

Source: Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing announced the launch of Sigma Workbooks featuring an easy-to-use collaborative canvas for iteration and interaction on analysis. Sigma Workbooks touts a unified canvas that combines self-service spreadsheets, charts and narratives. Purpose-built for business teams, the new tool offers a responsive user experience that enables data calculation for finding answers.

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Sigma Computing offers a no-code business intelligence and analytics solution designed for use with cloud data warehouses. The product features an intuitive, spreadsheet-like user interface that provides users with the familiarity of Excel. Guided data warehouse access ensures that data remains secure, compliant, and in context. When users take action in Sigma, it automatically translates them into SQL. All queries are run live against the cloud data warehouse, and the results are passed back to Sigma.

Sigma Workbooks gives you the ability to drill into data anywhere on a dashboard and calculate anything against billions of rows of live data using spreadsheet skills and formulas. There is also the option to embed a Workbook and make Sigma’s BI and analytics capabilities available to other authorized users. The new workbook feature solves for a variety of use cases as well like root cause analysis, cohort analysis, customer journey 360, supply chain optimization, customer issue resolution, scenario modeling and more.

In a media statement on the news, Sigma co-founder and CTO Rob Woollen said: “With a data exploration and analytics interface that is similar to a spreadsheet, Sigma Workbooks meets knowledge workers, like operations, finance, and marketing teams, where they are when it comes to analytical skills and empowers them to find the answers they need to make decisions quickly. Sigma Workbooks also gives some much-needed time back to data and BI teams so they can focus on larger initiatives, curating data sets, and supporting the data needs of business teams behind the scenes.”

Read Put Business Teams in the Analytics Driver’s Seat with Sigma Workbooks in the company’s blog to learn more.

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