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Sigma Computing Unveils Major Updates to Cloud A&BI Platform

Sigma Computing Unveils Major Updates to Cloud A&BI Platform
Sigma Computing Unveils Major Updates to Cloud A&BI Platform

Source: Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing recently announced the release of a collection of major updates to its cloud-based business intelligence and data analytics platform, according to a post on the company’s website. The update is highlighted by new, interactive dashboards that enable collaboration between technical and non-technical users alike. Sigma is also including a new Application Embedding capability that allows dashboards to be embedded into applications with inherited access roles and permissions.

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Combined with the Sigma Spreadsheet, interactive dashboards help bridge the gap between data experts and domain experts, which enables them to better collaborate, understand data, and share insights. The new dashboards provide more choices for managing data updating in real-time as underlying data and analysis change. In addition, there are new customizable templates, themes, layouts and a dashboard builder. Dashboards and visualizations can be played on any device via mobile responsiveness. Users can also share these resources with public and private links, and embed images, videos, and URLs into them.

New application embedding features let users embed dashboards and visualizations into custom applications and authenticate users through those applications. Embedded dashboards can also be customized for each user directly from Sigma, including specific views of data and the ability to change views of data in the dashboard or visualization.

In a statement about the news, Sigma co-founder and CTO Rob Woollen said: “Every company wants to be data-driven, but that is just a pipe dream until data exploration, analysis, and business intelligence are accessible to everyone. At Sigma, we believe the organizations that derive the most value from A&BI solutions are the ones that use them to work iteratively across business and technical teams. Unlike other solutions, Sigma gives everyone, not just data teams, the ability to explore, model, visualize, and enrich their data in real-time.”

Learn more about the Sigma Computing BI and analytics platform.

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