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Sisense Begins IoT Initiative to take BI from 2D to Real-Life

Amir Orad Sisense

Sisense recently announced the launch of Business Intelligence Virtually Everywhere, a feature enhancement to its flagship analytics platform, helping users simplify consumption of insights using Internet of Things devices and artificial intelligence. Launched as a beta program, it’s being tested with two devices at first, a Sisense-enabled Amazon Echo and Sisense-enabled IoT light bulb. Sisense hopes that these innovations can take Business Intelligence beyond the two-dimensional screen and enable a more intuitive connection to data insights using all of the human senses. The expected end-result will be increased engagement and adoption. Early adopting customers are already seeing positive tangible impact from the new capabilities, according to Sisense.

Integration with Amazon Echo brings Business Intelligence beyond the screen and into the natural environments of the user, using the simplicity of natural language. According to Sisense, this is the first opportunity for AI to humanize data consumption, which allows business users to move beyond confining two dimensions of screens and interact more naturally with their data by asking questions and garnering results in real-time. The ease of conversation drives increased engagement with data and opens up access to additional insights.

Amir Orad, CEO at Sisense, explains: “Sisense’s mission is to simplify business analytics for complex data. We are pushing this concept across the entire BI value chain and embedding analytics in the physical world. Sisense is uniquely positioned to open a new path in accessing data insights with our In-ChipTM Technology. These innovations are creating a more intuitive, personal connection to data, removing traditional limitations posed by 2D screens, by giving business users the ability to have simple conversations about their data, and visual insights into business performance and KPIs. This simplicity is essential to translating machine insight into human action.”

This is the first true IoT deployment we’ve seen from a major player in the Business Intelligence space. It will be interesting to see whether widespread adoption of these kinds of technologies will ensue. Sisense it inviting its customers and business users to explore these innovations as part of the BI Virtually Everywhere Program.

Click here to read the full press release.

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