Sisense Q1 ’20 Touts AI, NLQ and Developer Tools, BI Knowledge Graph

Sisense Q1 '20 Touts AI, NLQ and Developer Tools, BI Knowledge Graph

Source: Sisense Knowledge Graph on YouTube

Sisense is updating its flagship data analytics and BI platform with new AI features, a collection of developer tools and the new Sisense Knowledge Graph. The Q1 ’20 release is highlighted by Sisense Natural Language Query, an NLP capability that lets non-technical users explore data even if they are unfamiliar with the data’s structure. Users can type in a plain-English search and receive suggestions and personalized analytic recommendations based on past searchers and organizational usage patterns.

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Sisense’s natural language processing is based on the Sisense Knowledge Graph. The graph is powered by a patent-pending engine that has studied more than 650 billion events of organizational usage patterns. Customers and end-users can utilize this repository in conjunction with their own enterprise-specific knowledge. In sum, Sisense Knowledge Graph lets users better refine questions and discover new ones to ask that can uncover hidden insight.

The new Sisense Embedded Playground lets developers, power users, customers and prospects explore the vendor’s embedding and customization capabilities without the need to write code. Developers can also learn and copy code snipets to hasten the development process. Embedded Playground is a public site for anyone to interface with. The Q1 ’20 release includes Sisense Premium Ingestion Connectors for Cloud Data Teams, a new MongoDB connector, as well as OpenID Connect for SSO.

In a statement to Solutions Review, Sisense’s Chief Business Officer Harry Glaser told us: “Aggressive, continuous, and envelope-pushing innovation is what Sisense is all about. We serve insights to everyone at all levels of our customers, and this innovation enables us to make data literacy even easier for all of our users.”

The Q1 ’20 update comes on the heels of the company’s February release of tailored team-centric analytic packages. Sisense Natural Language Query is available now for early adopters and for the general population in May.

Learn more about the release in the Sisense blog Sisense Q1 2020 Release: Enhance Business Outcomes with AI or check out the companion What’s New Q1 2020 video on YouTube.

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