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Sisu Unveils New A/B Testing and Text Analytics Capabilities

Sisu Unveils New A/B Testing and Text Analytics Capabilities
Sisu Unveils New A/B Testing and Text Analytics Capabilities

Source: Sisu

Sisu has announced the release of new tools aimed at delivering more comprehensive A/B test results and faster queries for text analytics. The release notes explain: “Unlike current methods for A/B testing and text analytics that only produce basic results, Sisu automatically tests thousands of hypotheses to clearly and comprehensively surface detailed differences between groups.” New text analytics features help to automate the process of finding common terms, categories, and correlations.

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Sisu Data offers a diagnostic analytics platform for structured data. The product automates manual data exploration so users can find hidden facts in complex data. Sisu automatically prioritizes facts based on their impact and provides detailed, interpretable context to refine and support conclusions. The tool features fact boards, annotations, and the ability to share facts and analysis across teams as well. As new information arrives in your cloud data warehouse, Sisu will continually re-evaluate metrics and surface new facts.

Instead of manually digging through hypotheses to try to answer business questions, Sisu uncovers them automatically. Customers can define two groups on any criteria in your data, and Sisu returns the specific subpopulations or factors that performed better or worse for one group versus the other. Sisu’s new text analysis features help users automate critical inquiries to normalize, structure, and parse data. You can learn more about these capabilities here.

In a statement about the news, Sisu Vice President of Product Berit Hoffmann said: “Analysts and product leaders need to quickly understand how different groups compare, across as many variables as possible. We’re thrilled to help data teams supercharge the way they diagnose changes in their most complex data.”

Read Two new ways to answer why, faster by Berit Hoffmann to learn more about the new features.

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