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Solutions Review Unveils New BI Buyers Matrix Report

2015 Buyers Matrix

Next week Solutions Review will continue to deliver more valuable comparison tools for CIOs and IT professionals looking to purchase business intelligence (BI) software solutions. The new Solutions Review’s 2015 Buyers Matrix Report will make it easier for companies considering next generation solutions to compare and contrast the leading BI providers in order to find the best possible fit for their organization.

The amazing depth and breadth of data available for analysis is driving a rapid solution evolution within the BI industry and creating a real challenge to finding the right provider. By offering a comprehensive matrix-style report, the new Solutions Review Buyer’s Matrix presents a wide range of features in multiple tables for a clear and side-by-side view of the best benefits each vendor has to offer.

The Buyer’s Matrix is a visual reference and summary of the Top 28 best-of-breed BI solutions in the market currently available today. Readers will be given direct comparisons of the solutions providers and their offerings in an easy to understand report, spanning five different categories.

Coupled with the release of its newest buyer’s tool, Solutions Review also offers a free Business Intelligence Buyer’s Guide, further enhancing the ability of the IT professional to make the right product decision. In using these two tools in conjunction, solutions-seekers will be armed with all of the materials they need to ensure selection of the best software for their company.

Stay tuned for more information, and for now, enjoy a sneak peak image.

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