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Study: 60% of Companies to Accelerate Self-Service BI

A new study co-authored by Forbes Insights and Qlik found that Business Intelligence programs are much more likely to succeed if the analysis and decision-making tools are held by business users. The survey revealed that almost two-thirds of respondents believe that self-service analytics creates a notable advantage over the competition. Half of those polled believe that an approach where data tools are put into the hands of more people can help to reveal improved insights.

The study, which surveyed and interviewed 449 senior IT and business unit executives from nations all over the globe was made up of individuals in every major industry. Self-service tools are increasingly becoming mainstays in enterprise BI as the appetite for analytics continues to expand. Many organizations struggle with IT resources as a result, and questions are evolving too rapidly to allow for encoding inside a data warehouse regime. As business continues to increase its digital engagement with customers, self-service becomes possible for more than just the casual user.

Key findings include:

  • The most successful BI programs feature guidelines and tools that place analytics in the hands of business units. 53 percent say that their overall BI programs are delivering notable insights. However, 87 percent of executives believe theirs are succeeding, a group shown to have significantly higher degrees of self-service.
  • 63 percent of executives believe that distributed self-service allows end-users to create analysis that is more visually compelling.
  • 57 percent have immediate plans to expand investments in self-service BI tools. In the future, organizations will focus mainly on enabling more business users to interact with many more types of vital data, expanding executive training, and allocating the resources for additional mobile and cloud access.

Second-generation BI companies are licking their chops as the self-service revolution begins. Self-service empowers more users to come up with their conclusions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that every business user inside of an organization will gain access. We’re not talking about the landscapers here. Granting access to just the right amount of users could be what it takes to unlock a very profitable mystery, whether that means 50 of 500 users is up to you.

Click here to read the full report.

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