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Syncfusion Launches March 2020 Bold BI Enterprise Edition

Syncfusion Launches March 2020 Bold BI Enterprise Edition
Syncfusion Launches March 2020 Bold BI Enterprise Edition

Source: Bold BI

Syncfusion recently announced the release of Bold BI Enterprise Edition March 2020, according to a blog post on the company’s website. The update features in-demand capabilities like new data connections and improved usability in widgets. New data connections include those for Microsoft SSAS, Google BigQuery and Podio. Users can now leverage 64-bit ODBC drivers to create an ODBC data source with the Bold BI ODBC connector. PostgreSQL can also be used as a metadata store for handling files and web data sources.

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Syncfusion offers business intelligence dashboard functionality through Bold BI. The solution integrates with most common SQL and web-based data sources, as well as custom data sources through the provider. Bold BI can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud or as an embedded analytics product. Users can share dashboards with others across locations and collaborate via built-in support for comments. Bold BI also includes an integration with Microsoft Active Directory for custom security authentication.

The March 2020 update for Bold BI Enterprise Edition enables your application to share authentication with the embedded dashboard through Single Sign-On. Data paging is now supported for data sources like Outlook Calendar, Infusionsoft, YouTube, Keen, LiveAgent, and Nicereply. Users can also configure OAuth and OpenID based custom identity providers in Bold BI for authentication and authorization. There are new color customization options through the number card and heatmap widgets as well.

Other key features present in this new release are display column binding to the list box and combo box widgets, the ability to define the KPI symbol position and placement, a field-based sorting in pivot grid, and hidden column support in pivot grid.

To learn more, check out this new Bold BI tutorial or start a 15-day free trial.

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