Syncsort and Tableau Software Partner to Integrate and Analyze in Hadoop

Syncsort and Tableau Software Partner around HadoopSyncsort, a Big Data integration solutions company, has partnered with Tableau Software, a provider of Business Intelligence solutions, to provide their mutual customers to make enterprise data including mainframe and legacy systems, available in Hadoop and then visualize and share it with drag and drop business analytics.

According to the recent news release, the partnership is designed to “provide a fast, resource and cost-effective solution for collecting, processing and visualizing data ─ optimizing value and leveraging key mainframe and legacy data to uncover new business insights on request.”

According to Synsort’s VP of Business Development, Bryan Ashley “To derive maximum value from Big Data across the enterprise, customers are looking for the smartest way to get enterprise data into Hadoop, keep the most current information available for analysis and quickly and easily visualize it for business intelligence.”

From the other side of the partner equation, Dan Jewit, the VP of Product Management at Tableau added, “Big Data analysis is often complicated by the need to integrate data from multiple sources with multiple formats including key business data sources on Mainframes, and the process of collecting and processing the data needs to be simple, fast, efficient and reliable from the time it is pulled from multiple sources until it is visualized for analysis.”

Doug Atkinson

An entrepreneur and executive with a passion for enterprise technology, Doug founded Solutions Review in 2012. He has previously served as a newspaper boy, a McDonald's grill cook, a bartender, a political consultant, a web developer, the VP of Sales for e-Dialog - a digital marketing agency - and as Special Assistant to Governor William Weld of Massachusetts.