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Tableau 9.2 Gives Mobile BI a Boost with Native iPhone App

Tableau 9.2This morning Tableau announced the general availability of Tableau 9.2, which includes data preparation improvements, customization for maps, enhanced security and a new iPhone application. This update, which brings the power of Tableau to the world’s most popular smartphone, will enable users to interact and have access to their data no matter where they are. In conjunction with Tableau for iPhone, the company also introduced geolocation, which makes it possible to orient your map around your current location by tapping on the Tableau map in the mobile browser or the application.

Version 9.2’s security enhancements benefit on-premise and cloud users with improvements to Tableau Server and Tableau Online, giving users new ways to set permissions and provide more ways to seamlessly access content and keep data fresh. Toolbar improvements and redesigned menus make them more intuitive and have improved response times as well.

With these security updates, permissions on projects are now defined at a more granular level, making them more flexible and easier to understand. In addition, a new option to lock project permissions to an administrator-defined set will allow increased security for the most sensitive data. The updated solution also includes support for OpenID Connect, ensuring that users are automatically signed into Tableau Server if they are already signed into an OpenID Connect identity provider, such as Google. Improvements to the REST APIs let administrators set, view and remove default permissions for projects and easily control default project permissions through custom apps and scripts.

Tableau 9.2 introduces more options for controlling map behavior and unlimited potential for map customization. Mapbox integration in Tableau Desktop means that users can customize, brand, enhance and add context to maps delivering an unprecedented flexibility to create contextually rich maps. Further, Tableau is expanding the support for international postal codes with the addition of Japanese postal codes and other data updates.

The new data preparation enhancements in version 9.2 mean users will spend less time preparing and searching for data and more time analyzing it. The data interpreter now not only cleans Excel spreadsheets, but automatically detects sub-tables and converts them to tables that can be analyzed in Tableau. Data grid improvements make it easier to craft the ideal data source and quickly move on to the analysis.

Click here for Tableau’s official press release.

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