Tableau Unveils New Natural Language Processing and Automated Data Prep

Tableau Unveils New Natural Language Processing and Automated Data Prep

Source: Tableau Software

Tableau Software has announced two new product capabilities surrounding data natural language processing and data preparation. Tableau’s Ask Data utilizes natural language processing to enable users to ask questions in a conversational manner and make it easier to engage with data. The Tableau Prep Conductor will provide users the ability to schedule and manage self-service data preparation. The announcements were made at Tableau’s annual user conference, happening now in New Orleans.

Ask Data allows users to ask questions in plain language and instantly get a response in Tableau, and the product will return an interactive data visualization with no need to learn data dimensions, measures, or any data structure. Ask Data uses algorithms that are driven by an understanding of the user’s intent, which helps the capability to understand a question and anticipate needs. The feature is integrated into the Tableau Platform in Tableau Server and Tableau Online.

The Tableau Prep Conductor is a separately licensed add-on product to Tableau Online and Tableau Server. It automates flows created in Tableau Prep to ensure that clean and analysis-ready data is always available. Prep Conductor uses the same permissions, familiar administration views, and easy-to-use process to publish, schedule and share data in Tableau. Users also gain increased visibility into the health of data sources via centrally managed flows and alerts.

In a media statement, the company’s Head of Products Francois Ajenstat said: “Ask Data, our new integrated natural language capability, lowers the barrier to entry for analytics so people can ask questions in plain language and get insights faster. And with the growing volume and complexity of data, customers want to ensure that their data is always up to date and can be trusted for decision making. So, with Tableau Prep Conductor and our new data modeling capabilities, Tableau makes managing data easier than ever.”

These features are included within the Tableau 2019.1 beta. Click here to watch Tableau’s President and CEO Adam Selipsky’s opening keynote speech from the event.

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