TARGIT Goes End-to-End with Release of Decision Suite 2017

TARGIT Goes End-to-End with Release of Decision Suite 2017

TARGIT this morning announced the release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2017, a major update to the company’s flagship Business Intelligence and analytics platform. The new release introduces TARGIT as an end-to-end BI tool, improving upon the software’s self-service capabilities. Decision Suite 2017 goes wide, offering the company’s proprietary InMemory technology, improved design and visualizations, and deeper self-service functionality. These feature enhancements encompass the entirety of the data spectrum, offering organizations the ability to integrate, visualize and share data.

Key updates in TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 include the following:

  • InMemory: This proprietary enterprise database and back-end toolset complements existing data warehouse architectures and introduces the company as  a complete platform for BI and analytics. InMemory supports solutions to any platform, regardless of IT infrastructure.
  • Data Discovery Unlimited: This module speeds up the process of integrating data from outside sources, removing the cap on data volumes.
  • Improved data visualizations: The update tolls out a new platform for charts and graphs, offering a new library of data visualizations that come with major style upgrades and additional formatting options.
  • Embedded portal: New Splash Screen provides users with instant access to new resources, tutorials, and eLearning modules. Enterprises can also embed their own portal and web pages into the tool for added personalization.

CEO Ulrik Pedersen discusses the major release: “Each feature upgrade within Decision Suite 2017 was designed around our mature business framework to help ensure a successful BI implementation that goes far beyond data: it is also a change of company culture. Decision Suite 2017 brings to market a complete, end-to-end, bimodal, fully integrated platform. Each of the major themes of this 2017 release focus on robust self-service tools, our proprietary in-memory technology that powers instant access to hundreds of data sources, and visualization feature updates that make it easier than ever to put data in the hands of decision-makers throughout the entire organization. TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 is about more than data; it’s about empowering entire companies to make better decisions faster.”

Learn more or read the full press release.

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