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Tellius Launches Tellius On-Demand with Guided Insights

Tellius Launches Tellius On-Demand with Guided Insights
Tellius Launches Tellius On-Demand with Guided Insights

Source: Tellius on YouTube

Tellius has announced the availability of Tellius On-Demand, a new SaaS application aimed at helping business users and analytics teams understand what is driving business performance. The product also assists users with uncovering why metrics change in their data via machine learning automation. Organizations will pay only for what they use, and there’s even a free trial that includes $500 value in complimentary usage credits on the Tellius website.

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Tellius offers a search and AI-powered data analytics platform. The product features a proprietary Genius AI Engine that is designed to allow business users ask questions about their data. Tellius has natural language processing that interacts with users in plain language and creates narratives alongside data visualizations as well. The tool can also provide personalized recommendations by anticipating needs and automatically offering related insights and suggestions. Tellius is built on the Apache Spark distributed architecture.

Tellius On-Demand features machine learning algorithms that evaluate every possible combination of data points to automatically surface insights and enable users to explore data by asking questions in natural language. Elasticity can also be scaled when needed by automatically enabling resources at the time they are required.

Tellius Guided Insights combines the capabilities necessary for data professionals of all kinds to explore different analytical approaches. Guided Search lets users ask questions about their data using a Google-like natural language interface to explore and visualize data without writing code. The Auto-Insights feature lets you see what is driving business performance and why metrics are changing by analyzing billions of data points across multiple sources to generate segment, anomaly, comparison, and trend insights.

In a statement about the news, Tellius CEO Ajay Khanna explained: “Legacy analytics and their ‘cloudified’ scale are dead. Billions of dollars have been wasted on traditional analytics applications that do not scale as efficiently or as easily as Tellius On-Demand.”

Read Launching Guided Insights On-Demand to Shatter the Accessibility Barrier or watch the companion YouTube video to learn more. Solutions Review recently named Tellius one of the Best Augmented Analytics Software Platforms for 2020.

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