The 7 Best Fiverr Data Science Professional Services Right Now

The Best Fiverr Data Science Professional Services

Solutions Review editors compiled this list of the best Fiverr data science professional services to consider using right now.

SR Finds 106Fiverr Data Services enables organizations to make the most of their data with the help of professional sellers. The platform includes sellers with various skills to analyze data for optimizing business decisions and outcomes. Fiverr professional sellers can also assist with manual data handling and storage solutions through data science techniques, automation, and algorithmics. These freelance data services provide organizations with access to “talent that can provide insights from data”  according to the company.

Fiverr Data Services features three main verticals (Data Management, Data Storage, and Data Analysis), with various categories underneath, including Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Engineering, Databases, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Data Science. It’s with this in mind that Solutions Review editors assembled this list of the best Fiverr data science professional services to consider. This is not an exhaustive list, but one that includes the most popular professional services currently available on Fiverr.

Note: We only included the best Fiverr data science professional services with more than 125 ratings and 4.5 stars or better.

The Best Fiverr Data Science Professional Services

SERVICE: I will do data analysis and science with Jupyter notebooks in python

Seller: mehran0101

Description: This seller is familiar with and capable of using Python, as well as TensorFlow, Keras, Sklearn, Scipy, and many other libraries. Additional services are available in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, visualization, digital image processing, and more. This seller is known for delivering the desired output with well-commented code.


SERVICE: I will do any machine learning task in python

Seller: the_hassankh

Description: This seller is best for anyone looking for data science or machine learning projects or tasks in Python. The seller offers data processing, visualization, and extracting insights from data, unsupervised learning algorithms for pattern recognition, customized chat bots, and more. Buyers can expect on-time delivery and comments with code and a brief report that will help you understand the code written.


SERVICE: I will help with python, r, finance, machine and deep learning, quant, trading algos

Seller: maysamk19

Description: Proprietary quantitative models and algorithmic trading strategies for long/short equity optimization models with specific risk and return parameters specified by the investor profile, utilizing machine/deep learning, along with Q reinforcement learning agents. This seller is an excellent consideration if you are looking for something in Python.


SERVICE: I will do machine learning and deep learning python projects

Seller: ml_soft_tech

Description: This seller offers extensive experience (more than 8 years) in deep learning, and machine learning, and is a data scientist by profession. Apart from that, this seller has a Ph.D. in deep learning and is globally recognized through competitive professional certifications. The seller can use a wide variety of algorithms to complete your project, so be sure to see the service listing for all those details.


SERVICE: I will help in machine learning and data analysis in studio, r

Seller: m_falzan_ak

Description: The seller is a data science graduate with vast experience in machine learning and data analysis in the R programming language on RStudio, as well as Python on Anaconda. Highlighted services include exploratory data analysis, data analysis in descriptive and statistical, data visualization in R, supervised and unsupervised classification, time series analysis, association rule mining, and more.


SERVICE: I will do machine learning python projects

Seller: programrtechies

Description: The seller specializes in machine learning Python projects and is a machine learning engineer with various projects. Highlighted services include time series, deep learning, computer vision, classification, regression, clustering, data analysis and visualization, decision trees, and more. See the seller’s service offering page for more precise detail.


SERVICE: I will do machine learning, data science, data analysis, data mining project in python

Seller: talkhakhalid421

Description: The seller has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, having done coursework in Python scripts, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization in Python. Highlighted services offered include data preprocessing, sentiment score, feature engineering, and more. The seller requires buyers to contact them before placing orders.

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