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The 6 Best KNIME Analytics Tutorials to Watch on YouTube Right Now

The Best KNIME Analytics Tutorials

The Best KNIME Analytics Tutorials

This list of the best KNIME Analytics tutorials on YouTube will introduce you to one of the most popular data science platforms.

KNIME Analytics is an open-source platform for creating data science. It enables the creation of visual workflows via a drag-and-drop-style graphical interface that requires no coding. Users can choose from more than 2000 nodes to build workflows, model each step of the analysis, control the flow of data, and ensure work is current. KNIME can blend data from any source and shape data to derive statistics, clean data, and extract and select features. The product leverages AI and machine learning and can visualize data with classic and advanced charts.

Learning KNIME can be a complicated process, and it’s not easy to know where to start. As a result, our editors have compiled this list of the best KNIME Analytics tutorials on YouTube to help you learn about the platform and hone your skills before you move on to mastering it. All of the videos here are free to access and feature guidance from some of the top minds and biggest brands in the online learning community. All of the best KNIME Analytics tutorials listed tout a minimum of 5,000 views.

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The Best KNIME Analytics Tutorials

What is KNIME?

Author: KNIME Tutorials

Description: The video explains what the KNIME Analytics Platform is and why you should use it for your data projects. Every use case is different and KNIME will help you get to your insights quickly with their powerful platform. This tutorial video is designed to help you master KNIME and do more with your data.

KNIME Live Demo – KNIME Analytics Platform Walkthrough


Description: This webinar segment features Paolo Tamagnini, Data Scientist at KNIME, performing a short overview demo of KNIME Analytics Platform. Paolo builds a simple workflow to visualize demographic data via nodes and components. The video concludes with a brief overview of KNIME Server.

KNIME User Interface Walkthrough | KNIME Tutorial

Author: Yoda Learning Academy

Description: In this video, you will get to know the KNIME user interface workflow for beginners. With more than 8,000 all-time YouTube views, this five-minute tutorial is a must-watch. If you dig Yoda Learning Academy’s vibes, then check out one of their accompanying certification modules.

KNIME tutorial: Performing joins on KNIME Analytics Platform

Author: Eric Hulbert

Description: Joins are a fundamental concept for analysis, and KNIME makes joins easy. The visual workflow of KNIME makes it easy to keep track of what data is, or is not, joined to other data sets. The data files for this exercise are available here.

Introduction to KNIME Data Analytics Platform

Author: Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

Description: The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, or “DCMI”, is an organization supporting innovation in metadata design and best practices across the metadata ecology. DCMI works openly, and it is supported by a paid-membership model. The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) supports shared innovation in metadata design and best practices across a broad range of purposes and business models.

First Steps into KNIME Analytics Platforms for Excel Users


Description: This video comes recommended for those of you who are currently using Excel for data analysis. It is a good bridge resource to gain a solid understanding of what you’ll need to learn.

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