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The bipp Analytics Platform and Modeling Language are Available in Beta

The bipp Analytics Platform and Modeling Language are Available in Beta
The bipp Analytics Platform and Modeling Language are Available in Beta

Source: BIPP, Inc.

BIPP, Inc. recently announced the launch of its bipp Analytics Platform and bippLang data modeling language in beta, according to a press release on the company’s website. The bipp Analytics Platform and data modeling language were built distinctly for data and BI analysts using SQL to query databases. The bipp platform touts “highly scalable tools that remove the roadblocks that make other BI and analytics platforms challenging”, according to the vendor.

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BIPP, Inc. is a business intelligence solution provider that offers an enterprise-grade, in-database cloud BI platform for data and BI analysts. It utilizes SQL and is powered by bipp’s proprietary modeling language called bippLang. The modeling language supports collaboration, git-based version control, and re-usable data models. Organizations can use bipp to build and explore ad hoc reports, slice and dice data and create visualizations, and share insights across the enterprise.

The bippLang data modeling language helps analysts to avoid revising queries for every question. The analyst defines the model once using bippLang and clicks Deploy Data Model so business users can fetch it and build visualizations using an intuitive sheet view. bipp also helps business users with self-service by letting them drag-and-drop the relevant columns when they have new queries. The platform’s AutoSQL generator utilizes the previously defined model and constructs an SQL query based on what the business user selects.

In a media statement, bipp co-founder Angshuman Guha said “Given the pressure for data-driven decision making, organizations need something more robust than what’s currently available. With bipp’s self-service model, combined with in-database analytics, everyday users get deeper insights from their data in real-time and can make critical business decisions faster.”

bipp is launching now as an open beta and is inviting data and BI analysts to sign up, explore, and provide feedback. The full, enterprise-version of the platform is available for free. The open beta will run into Q1 2021, ahead of a planned enterprise launch.

Learn more about the bipp Analytics Platform.

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