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The dotData AI-FastStart Program Simplifies BI Stack Machine Learning

The dotData AI-FastStart Program Simplifies BI Stack Machine Learning
The dotData AI-FastStart Program Simplifies BI Stack Machine Learning

Source: dotData

dotData recently announced dotData AI-FastStart, a technology and services bundle that includes a one-year license to the full version of dotData autoML 2.0. The dotData FastTrack program is designed to help business intelligence teams add AI and machine learning models to their BI stacks and predictive analytics applications. The package is available to North American organizations that are not already existing dotData clients.

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dotData offers an enterprise data science automation platform. The product can be piloted by both advanced and citizen data scientists. dotData can use flat files as well as relational data sets, and automatically discovers the table relationships and prepares data for feature engineering. Users can also generate automatic features and train models automatically via python ML algorithms. The API-based platform means you can validate model accuracy and retain models on the fly as well.

dotData AI-FastStart includes a full one-year license to the 3-compute node version of dotData Enterprise AutoML 2.0. The program is hosted by dotData on an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure and features support from the company’s data science team to onboard and co-develop the first AI use case. AI-FastStart also touts 12 remote training sessions for an unlimited number of users, and organizations can cancel for any reason within 45 days of signing up.

In a media statement about the packaged release, the company’s founder and CEO Ryohei Fujimaki said: “We are seeing a huge demand for AI and ML capabilities in the market, but finding that many companies either do not have the internal resources to launch a data science program, or don’t know how to get one started. The AI-FastStart™ program was created as an all-inclusive bundle to help enterprises fast-track AI/ML deployments, and immediately realize value from their data.”

Click here to learn more about the dotData AI-FastStart Program.

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