The Fate of Your Business Could Be Decided by AI and Machine Learning Analytics

The Fate of Your Business Could Be Decided by AI and Machine Learning Analytics

According to Dell Technologies’ founder Michael Dell, AI and machine learning data analytics has the ability to decide which businesses succeed, and which fail. He said: “If you’re not using AI with your data, you could be out of business real soon.” Dell made the remarks after his keynote speech at Dell Technologies World 2018, the company’s annual user and technology conference currently taking place in Las Vegas.

The use of AI and machine learning side-by-side with data analytics is a natural next-step for organizations who’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer volume and velocity with which data streams into their view. Dell seems to mirror this sentiment exactly, adding: “What I’m seeing is an absolute explosion for use of AI. The idea here is you’re taking all this data and learning an inference to draw better conclusions from the data. We’ve seen a rapid acceleration in our server business last quarter and this quarter. When you dig into why this is happening, you’re seeing AI as a big use case.”

AI and machine learning have the ability to transform enterprise data analysis in a number of ways. The first and most obvious to allow organizations to gain a hold on all the data they are collecting, and from a wide variety of sources. It can also help them to take action on the data alone, leaving out bias. It can also be a major factor in user adoption as we wrote about here, allowing business users to skip the medial and time-consuming tasks and get right to the analysis.

It used to be thought that applications were an organization’s most important technological asset. Up until recently, this may have been true. Times are changing, however, and data reigns supreme as the lifeblood of true digital transformation. Michael Dell explains this in a more candid way than we ever could (and shout-out to CRN for capturing his most buzz-worthy quotes from the event): “If AI is your rocket ship, data is the fuel for your rocket. And if you know how to use it, with learning and inference, your data will become your most valuable asset — even more valuable than your applications.”

You can follow along with the event in real-time via Dell’s live stream or check out SiliconANGLE theCUBE’s reaction to Dell’s keynote here.

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